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Can You Answer These Universe Questions?

Posted by Artur Angiopolis on
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Can You Answer These Universe Questions?

What’s great about science is that it’s so vast, right? When you get to choose your specialization as you grow up, you may get into medical science, or forensic science. Or study space. Or deep oceans.

No matter what you choose as long as you like it.

There are still a million unanswered questions that you could grow up to provide answers to.

Where Does Life Come From


So far, the best theory answering the beginning of the universe four billion years ago is the Big Bang theory. But it does not explain well how life started to form on a molecular level and how did organisms end up having a DNA?

How do we differ from the animals?

humans naimals

Through the process of evolution, we learned how to use tools and communicate. But, at least as far as DNA goes, we are still very much animals ourselves. But what’s even more fascinating is that we also share a lot of our DNA with plants.

So, why would we consider us to be so different? So, superior? There is still a lot we don’t know about what makes us human, how animals communicate, etc.

Are there Alternative Universes?

alternate universes

There are dozens of universe theories. All fascinating, none confirmed. Some think we are alone, same think we are just a school project in some 5-year old alien’s room.

What’s even more head spinning is the possibility that there are unlimited number of universes that have played every scenario possible to the theory of monkeys typing out Shakespeare. Meaning, if there is a possibility that a monkey at a type writer could type the first letter of Hamlet, in an infinite number of universes there is bound to be one where a monkey completed the whole play.

What is Consciousness


Instead of going for the Universe-high questions, you may also go deep into the human’s ‘soul’. Who are we? How does the brain work? What are dreams?

There are so many questions we haven’t answered yet but they all come back to why are we conscious? We, instead of living without worry, using our ability to relax and get 30 spins for free, some of us spend lifetimes searching for these answers?

What’s in the Ocean?


At this point, we know more about the atmosphere of Saturn and Jupiter than we know about our oceans. You could make a living studying the ocean. Easily. If only you would desire because there is 90% of the ocean we haven’t explored yet.


Here’s what’s most fascinating about these questions and science for us. The more you answer, the more new questions appear moreover, instead of getting boring, every answer makes science even more enthralling.

There are no wrong paths to take because even accidents lead to world-changing discoveries.