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How to excite your kids about science

Posted by Artur Angiopolis on
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How to excite your kids about science

We are extremely glad that our articles are getting more popular around young people. After all, this is what the whole purpose of the site is.

Despite that, today we want to address the parents who are responsible for bringing up a generation that is interested in more than new phones and apps.

So, this time we try to answer how parents can excite their kids about science.

How to get your kids excited about science

science for kids

As a kid, I had a book with a grey, soft cover. It had over 100 science experiments you as a kid could try (some with guidance of your parents). Like how you can make an invisible ink with lemon juice that could be revealer after holding above a candle.

I remember coming back to that book time and time again.

You can hold a position that nowadays you can just Google all that stuff. But why I am a huge advocate for the book is that it’s a physical thing with basically a list of experiments. For Google or YouTube you first have to have a question. Science books have answers to questions you never even came around to ask in the first place.

Start by getting a book (or even a science-themed board game). Today. Seriously. Pick one or two experiments and try them out with your child.

Failing is GOOD
failing science

To put it plainly, your kid will fail a hundred times in his life. You have made mistakes, right? So, when you try to grow the interest nine science in your child, the worse you can do is strengthen his expectation that everything must be perfect all of the time.

It doesn’t happen that way. On the contrary, maybe you used too much liquid or misread the instruction and you don’t get the expected result from the first, the second or the x+1’th time. That how it should be. Besides, sometimes even a mistake can lead to a world changing invention


You probably have a decent understanding how science works. I’d also guess that you have a favorite field. But maybe your child has questions in other areas?

Maybe they want to know who the sky and the atmosphere works? Maybe they are interested in how a slot machine (that can be found here) works?

Try to explore all the different aspects of science. If you don’t know the answer, find it with your kid.

But most importantly, get books from all fields. And see what they are interested in the most.