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How to reduce anxiety?

Posted by Artur Angiopolis on
How to reduce anxiety?

A sense of anxiety and anxiety is periodically experienced by 60% of the world’s population. Anxiety is what people call discomfort at the level of physiology. This feeling manifests itself suddenly, takes us by surprise and responds in thoughts and moods. Anxiety is not easy to manage, but you can reduce its level.

Anxiety: what is it?

what is anxiety

Anxiety is a person’s psychological state, which causes a feeling of discomfort in the chest and other unpleasant reactions of the body. Negative health at the physiological level manifests itself in the form of cramps in the abdomen, excessive sweating, rapid heart rate. The feeling of anxiety sometimes reaches such a level that it becomes like a panic attack.

Anxiety is often identified with stress. However, these sensations are of a different nature. The stress condition is caused exclusively by external causes. Anxiety is a feeling of inner sudden discomfort. Stress is the result of the environment in which a person gets (interview, party in an unfamiliar company, examination, etc.). Anxiety arises for no apparent reason.

The cause of anxiety is mainly in family situations that traumatize the psychoemotional background of a person, causing anxiety. The prerequisite of anxiety can become a sense of guilt, and not always justified. Often the feeling of discomfort is transmitted from others, their negative reasoning, worldview and intolerance.

Anxiety becomes the starting point to the appearance of an inferiority complex. Worry is caused by fears, phobias and other conditions that interfere with living fully. Correct attitude to the feeling of anxiety will make it a springboard for overcoming experiences and reaching positive heights.

How is anxiety manifested?

Increased anxiety is a common reason for contacting a therapist, but if you understand the essence of the sensation that causes discomfort, you can reduce it yourself.

There are no visible external circumstances for the manifestation of anxiety. There are situations where anxiety and fear are even useful, but if anxiety is manifested everywhere – this is an occasion to reflect and take measures to reduce its impact.

manifestation of anxiety

The most common anxiety manifests itself before a momentous event or when making a serious decision. It is called situational anxiety. This feeling is absolutely normal and does not require taking measures to get rid of. Situational anxiety helps to make the right choice, to assess the situation from different sides and to understand what action as a result will bring the greatest benefit. Such anxiety disappears without a trace after the event that caused it is exhausted.

Anxiety is not always a negative feeling. Often anxiety is an assistant in decision-making.

Anxiety manifested when the occurrence of events of concern is not obvious, more difficult. A person is going through, say, a possible dismissal, betrayal or a serious illness, although the possibility that the situation will develop this way is minimal. Such anxiety is not justified and there are no prerequisites for it. When people around you try to calm a person and convince him that there is no reason for anxiety, fear and anxiety, the “Yes, but …” communication model works. The person winds himself even more and the sense of anxiety only intensifies. In the best case, awareness of excessive anxiety should come. Then a natural question arises: how to reduce anxiety and enjoy the happy present?

In the generally accepted sense, an increased level of anxiety manifests itself in the constant expectation of negative events. Pessimistic mood of a person leads to insomnia and negative thoughts. In a state of alarm, a person is confused. Every event in everyday life causes stress and rejection. With a person who suffers from increased anxiety is impossible to communicate. He does not see anything positive in the world around him. It is necessary to get rid of the increased anxiety. How to reduce the increased anxiety?

Methods of reducing anxiety

changing lifestyle

When anxiety becomes a regular sensation and does not disappear after an event that causes stress, one must get rid of it. Three basic methods of reducing anxiety can help overcome this feeling.

Change in lifestyle

It is worth starting with a change in the habitual diet. Some foods on the menu increase anxiety and anxiety. Reconsider the use of products such as:

  • Coffee. It is difficult to imagine an awakening without this widespread energy around the world. However, caffeine stimulates anxiety. You can substitute favorite coffee for tea without caffeine or water with lemon.
  • Starch and sugar. Desserts and pastries with a high content of starch and sugar are often regarded as products used to help combat stress and irritability. Sharp jumps of sugar in the body, on the contrary, have an adverse effect on the body and mood. Replace the desserts with fruit.
  • Alcoholic beverages. After a busy day full of stress and difficulties, many people relax with a glass of hot drinks. Alcohol really reduces irritability and gives the desired relaxation, but this feeling is temporary. Drink should be moderate, alternating a glass of alcohol-containing beverage with clean water.

Stabilize the mood will help foods that contain nutrients and vitamins:


  • Blueberries and palm berries contain antioxidants necessary to reduce stress and anxiety. Berries improve mood and hormonal background.
  • Fish, bread with bran, dark chocolate and other products containing magnesium, help in fighting anxiety. The recommended dose of magnesium is necessary to maintain a positive mood.
  • Kefir and Korean cabbage are products containing neurotransmitters. They act as a sedative and improve sleep.

Sports – not only a way to maintain harmony and improve the figure, but also a wonderful assistant in the fight against psychological disorders. Exercises that ease anxiety and anxiety:

  • Cardio-draining (jogging, rope, etc.);
  • Bicycle riding;
  • Weightlifting and other areas that affect the growth of muscle mass;
  • Yoga in a soothing atmosphere.

If regular exercise is not for you, walk in parks more often. This is also a physical load, which will keep the upbeat mood.

In addition to sports, respiratory gymnastics will cope with anxiety. Slow and deep breathing instantly reduces anxiety and anxiety. To get rid of anxiety, you should slowly inhale, holding the air in the lungs, no more than eight times a minute.

Give yourself a break

anxiety break

Anxiety and anxiety increase if a person does not have an occupation that will distract from life’s troubles. Select at least 15-20 minutes for something that soothes you. It can be anything: reading, embroidering, cutting and sewing, playing slots and getting 30 free spins here, dancing. Attend courses for the lesson you are interested in. During the hobby, do not think about an event that brings back negative thoughts and anxiety. Dissolve in your favorite business completely. Such an outlet will cope not only with the current anxiety, but also will not allow anxiety to master your life in the long term.

Learn to relax at home. Take a hot bath, listen to relaxing music. Make the house a real refuge from stress and anxiety.

Give yourself a break and do not overdo it. Constant work at home, endless meetings with friends and indulgence to all requests can and improve certain areas of your life, but also inevitably lead to stress and anxiety. Learn to say no and relax.

Get enough sleep. Sleep – the best medicine and anxiety as well. Fall asleep and wake up at the same time. Healthy and regular sleep helps the body get rid of excess hormone, causing nervousness and anxiety.